October 28, 2012

Why we don’t have an “ethnicity” option

We’ll say it outright: In an ideal world, we don’t think an ethnicity field ought to be necessary. “Be the change” and all that. At LadiesChoiceVictoria, we’re really concerned with creating an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and included. Of course, in an ideal word, any words we could choose to identify ethnicity wouldn’t carry the baggage that such identifiers have now.

And what words could we choose? What is ethnicity? Is it skin color? Culture? Nationality? It’s just not possible to reduce all the things that people think of when they consider “ethnicity” into one convenient dropdown menu. We’ve made a very conscious decision to include in profiles only information that is basically objective: height, religion, income, and so on. Anything else can go in your description, if you want to bring it up. It’s a murky quagmire that we have no interest in wading into.

Besides political concerns, there’s the question of whether or not it would even be useful for anyone to have an ethnicity option. In pretty much every instance, an ethnicity option would tell you nothing useful that couldn’t be determined from photos and self-description.

In summary, we’ll never have an ethnicity option, simply because there is nothing to be gained for anyone concerned.