December 21, 2012

Welcome to the blog, mark III

Welcome to the new blog. I hope you like it, I made it myself.

Why the move?

Oh, lots of reasons.

I’ve moved off of posterous owing to uncertainty regarding its future after the twitter acquisition.

I got sick of wysiwyg. From now on, it’s markdown all the way.

I wanted to donate more google juice to, instead of, by hosting the blog on a subdirectory.

I wanted to use static resources to serve the content cheaply. Not that posterous charges.

Finally, I wanted the ability to make custom-designed posts if I want to. I’ve been experimenting with design-rich content as an exercise, and it seems to make the content stickier for people.

It’s like what that Dustin Curtis guy did, except he moved on to make a minimalist blog platform with no customization that actually seems to be the antithesis of this. Weird.

What I use now

I’m using Middleman as a static site generator. Since it accepts all sorts of input formats, I was able to save the Posterous posts from its api as .erb files, adding some metadata to the top with my posterous backup script.

Now I just drop a markdown file in the posts directory, middleman build, and git push to deploy to the blog. I feel right at home.