May 21, 2016

Getting Started with Dokku on DigitalOcean

Dokku is a heroku-like tool that allows you to deploy complex apps by simply pushing with git. It supports heroku buildpacks directly, so you can

A special message

This is where the affiliate links live, but hear me out! I use these two services every day, and I wouldn't recommend them if I wasn't satisfied.

DigitalOcean - Purveyors of fine (and inexpensive) virtual servers. I use DigitalOcean to host Address Bin and a few others; it's my go-to host. Use this referral link for a $10 credit.

AirBnb - I've been living in AirBnbs for over a year now, and plan to for many more. If you've ever wanted to try them out, you can get a $25 discount from this referral link.